Memories of the Theatre Royal, Hyde - Muriel Nichols

I don't know why I never add any memories but here is some information at

First, the elephants appeared on the stage much later than the 20's as a photo available from the Reporter shows. We did have the newspaper but these things get lost and found again, lost and found again for ever. I've frequently considered buying a copy.

My Dad always said he saw Caruso at the theatre. David Wilmore checked this
at the Theatre Museum but could find no record. The Theatre Museum is where
my son first ran into David, when he said there did seem to be few records
relating to the theatre royal. However, on the Caruso web, I think it was, visits around here are mentioned, so I believe, like Laurel & Hardy he called in Hyde at some time.

Another star was the wonderful Richard Tauber, who seemed to change my Mum's
knees to jelly whenever she spoke of him. Once again 'living memory' ie I have got this from someone who was there. My Mum and Dad were born 1902 and 1903 so span many years of Theatre Royal. Stars we revere now were once just visitors toone of their local theatres.

Live shows did not cease between the wars as Gordon suggested and as well as
the elephants we have programmes. I did have 3 massive files of programmes
but have lost track of them, possibly gone to another house. I'll send photos of some of the programme ads. which are fascinating. We have produced two history books, an earlier one published by A4E (Action for Employment) Stockport. I have them here and they just need adding to, with the extra info now brought in. I remember one was sent to Ken Dodd who congratulated those volunteers. I'll continue remembering.




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